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dwn_in_brktown [userpic]

Starting today things are gunna be all right.

May 19th, 2008 (03:49 pm)
current location: A chair, in a room, in a house, in a state, in a country.
current mood: calm
current song: Cross My Heart - The Rocket Summer

So I don't really have much to say except things have changed a little. After I posted my last entry I cracked and texted Ben. Told him I was sorry for what I said and that I was wrong and that I miss him more than I did before.

Well he didn't text me back but Saturday I got home from work and got on AIM and he was on. He IMed me and we started talking. Not about everything that had gone on, but talked like he had in the past. And we've talked after that too.

He told me he might be coming home. But I think he is because during our conversation Saturday he went from using "if" to "when". I mean I don't know for sure if he is but I have a good feeling he is. I just hope he does.

Anyway thats all I have to say.