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dwn_in_brktown [userpic]

The Adventures of Patrick Vaughn Stump!

April 4th, 2011 (02:47 pm)

*copy and pasted from another resource because I'm lazy*

I can't even- was last night real? Seriously? I can't even being to process what occured last night!

First off I got to hear him sound checking and when he was done he had to walk through the bar area where we were all standing so I was like "HELLO!" when he walked out and he said hello back.

THEN I was front and center for the show. So Patrick was like just right there. I even almost got hit with his guitar a bunch of times that's how close he was to me. The show as a whole was AMAZING! Definitely my favorite show ever so far.

After the show we were waiting around hoping he'd come out and he did. This girl who I bought her ticket for was talking to him about twitter and I kind of just blurted out how he's DMed me on twitter a bunch and he asked about what so I showed him on my phone. Then he was like "come this way so I can talk with my family and stuff too" so we followed him. Then I kindly asked him for a picture to which he obliged obviously. After the picture I told him he was on my list of people I really wanted to meet. Along with Hal Sparks and he got all excited about me mentioning Hal Sparks and was like "isn't he from this area too? Didn't he go to New Trier?" Which he did.

So Jes and I already decided to go to Angels & Kings which was hosting the after party for Patrick's show. I didn't think he would show up but he did! So while we were hanging out (there was like NO ONE there which is unusual) this guy came up and started talking to us because he saw my picture of myself and Patrick and we pretty much hung with him for the rest of the night.

So while we were sitting, and eating, Patrick just like came up to us and was like "awesome you guys got food!" which turned into him standing there for a good 20 minutes talking to us about the most random stuff. I kindly asked if he could do an acapella video of Hanson and he was like "You know I don't know much Hanson but its definitely something I'd consider" and I told him how once a long time ago I told Taylor I thought Patrick had a better voice and how Taylor wasn't very happy about that. Then I showed Patrick my FOB tattoo and he was in awe about it and said he's always wanted to get tattoos but now he feels like he's too old too. THEN we somehow got into talking about Twitter and how evil people are to him sometimes.

It was just ridiculously awesome honestly! I can't even explain how amazing this whole thing was! I'm currently uploading my pictures from last night but seriously I can DIE happy now.

OH yeah I totally forgot to mention this! So last night Patrick was talking to the drummer he has in his live band and they were right behind me and I kind of turned around for a minute and his drummer was like "damn girl I love that lip ring" and I was like "Um thanks." and then turned around to ignore him.

Well as Patrick was leaving for the night they were standing by our table again and talking and his drummer like slid his arm around me talking about how much he loved my lip ring and stuff and then he left. Well we walked out of the front of the hotel (Angels & Kings is now in the hard rock hotel) and he was sitting out side smoking and he like jumped to his feet and was like "Oh girl that lip ring! It makes me want to kiss you" and he like started coming for me and I was like "um no thank you?" and he was like "why not?" and I was like "I don't know you!" and he was like "please?" so just to appease him I kissed him on the cheek and he was like "again?" but I was afraid he would turn his face and really kiss me. It was soo weird. I gave him another kiss on the cheek though and then he got us a cab. He kept asking where we were going and I was like "that way" because I didn't want him to know exactly where.

So yeah it was a entertaining to say the least.





So night two was just as amazing if not better than Sunday night! I managed to get front center AGAIN and enjoyed every damn second of the show. Patrick's energy was fantastic!

During the show I kind of said louder than I planned "please don't hit me with your guitar" because it kept getting really close to my face/head and he was like "I'm trying not too." and laughed.

After the show we waited around again and managed to talk to him a little bit more. I wished him an early happy birthday and kept telling him how amazing I thought he was. He thanked myself, Jes, and Matthew (a nice fan guy we met at AK the night before) for being his Chicago buddies and then gave me a hug!

and the bestest picture ever in existance!


Posted by: Detritus topiary (pineapplemango)
Posted at: April 24th, 2011 11:07 am (UTC)

arrgghh so jealous, he never smiles with his teeth out... lol and he was way less animated at my show

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