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dwn_in_brktown [userpic]

PMB show stuff

May 7th, 2006 (08:11 pm)

OK so yesterday/last night/early this morning was the Pat McGee Adventure. And it really was an adventure. Now I shall take you on what my day was like.... ready? Here we GOOOO!!!

The adventure started off when I arrived at Alli's to help he clean out her car a little. We left at about 2:50ish only to be stuck in damn Chicago traffic for 2 fucking hours. TRUST ME IT WAS HELLLL!

We arrived in Chicago at 5:00ish, parked(for $17) and walked over to the HOB hotel where we waited with Rebel(Meghan), Rebecca, and her friend whose name I never got. I had gotten an email about a meet and greet that was supposed to take place at 6:30. Around 6:00 some of us got hungry so we walked to Potbellys (me for the first time) and snuck the food back into the lounge area of the HOB hotel. 6:30 rolls around and nothing... nobody important was there. just as we were about to leave Pat, Chardy, Johnny, and Brian walk in. Which was GOOD since we were about the give up. Then some madness insued. We (the 5 of us) stood at the bottom of these stairs to by the bar looking like idiots not knowing that to do. This M&G was the most unorganized thing ever. Anyway Chardy like waves us up and we started talking to everyone (none of them had a marker so I let them use mine). Chardy signed my thing first when we (alli and I) politely reminded him about his drunken episode the first time we met. HAHA. I got a picture with Chardy and Brian. (BTW about 2 seconds before the picture I stabbed myself in the face with a permenant marker). Then Johnny disappeared to the bar so I kept talking to Chardy because Pat was being such a girl gabbing away with some other chicks. Got a picture with Johnny.

FINALLY Pat turns around and kind of looks at me weird (I don't know why or maybe I do). He askes everyones name (except me for some reason) and I hand him my CD case, open to where I want him to sign it, but the turd flips the CD jacket over and signs the front. And I was like "Awww thats no good Pat!" And he was like "You wanted me to sign the other side?" and I was like "yeah because I already have this" (I flipped over the CD case to show him the thing he signed for me in Milwaukee which is pretty much the CD cover). So he flips the jacket back over and signs where there was room. So now my CD is signed 3 times by Pat. So then I asked Pat if he remembers talking to me in Milwaukee. He was like "Yeah I think so" and I was like "We were talking about CKY?" and he was like "YEAH because you were wearing a CKY hoodie and a HIM beanie and we didn't think you belonged at the show (the show being Hanson) with all your piercings and stuff." And I was like "Yes that conversation!" So then I get a picture with him...

Anywho after a while most of the band and left the bar except Chardy who was to busy being a social butterfly and didn't even notice everyone left him. So as he was walking out we stopped him and asked him to get us into the Sox game tomorrow! HAHA. it was funny because we were joking about what to do if they give him any free stuff. Then we asked him to get us into the venue now so we wouldn't have to wait but that didn't work either. So we walk out and Rebecca TOTALLY smooth talks us into the Pass the Line, line. HAHA. We told the dude we were at the meet and greet they just let us in. It was fabulous!

So Rebs, Alli, and I head up to the balcony only to find a shit load of stools with "reserved for..." I was like "WTF? Who reserves a stool?" It was annoying. Anyway when the show started I realized I couldn't see very well and went down to the floor ONLY to get front row because Becca and her friend let me squeeze in. THANK YOU GUYS!

Stephen Kellogg and the 6KERS ROCKED hard core. They were ALOT better than I thought they would be. They were fucking HILARIOUS as all hell. Definitely good chemistry with PMB.

Anywho PMB didn't come on till like 11:30 probably later I wasn't sure. They pretty much killed the show! They were FANTASTIC! I am soo happy I went to see them. At one point Stephen and the 6KERS came out with their pants around their ankles to give PMB drinks, when JOHNNY dropped his pants only to reveal he was wearing Tighty Whities. NOT sometime I wanted to see. The show eventually continues with such great energy. Then after neglecting the side I was on Pat comes over and decides he wants to get on the speaker. He's up there for like 2-3 minutes then takes his guitar off and holds it over me! I had my hands up and he like shook his head (saying "You want to catch it?" mind you he is like 4-5 feet above me!) And I shake my head NO! He's like "Yes you'll catch it?" and I'm like "NO NO NO!" Shaking my head with a scared face. (I didn't want to say yes then drop it and have something happen to it.). So he lets some other guy catch it.

So FINALLY at like 12:45, possibly 1am the show ends. Alli, Rebs and I walk out to Alli's car and Alli and I head home.

Got home about 2:15am and am still tired as I type this! So thats my story... and I'm sticking to it.

- Me and Pat before the show

- Me and Johnny

- Chardy, Me, and Brian

- Alli and Johnny

- Alli and Brian

- Alli and Pat (plus a little rebel)

- Yes Pat didn't know I was taking this.

- Pat During the show (apparently it looks like Zac?)

- PMB and Stephen Kellogg and the 6KERS getting a nice crowd shot

- Alli being her weird self. I love her! HHAHAHAA