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dwn_in_brktown [userpic]

I'll hold my tears for years thinking its doing me good...

June 30th, 2006 (02:42 pm)

Yeah i know its been forever. Well maybe not forever but long enough. Its just so hard to keep track of things like this. I mean I have 2.. yes 2 LJ's now. One for a fanfic i'm currently writting called "I was so alone". Its located here: http://idrwithcky114.livejournal.com . Honestly I put it up so Meghan (rebel) could read it. But if you want to read it go right ahead. Just don't tell me if you don't like it.

Anywho i should probably talk about my life eh? Not much going on. I've decided not to move to Oklahoma. It just doesn't seem like its going to work out. Mad Science isn't paying the bills... let alone getting me gas. I've had the same tank of gas for 3 weeks. Yes 3 weeks. I haven't gone anywhere honestly. And let me just say once you've lived on your own, with no parents, don't ever go back. I had to move back in with my parents for the time being and I hate it. I've been here for almost 2 months and i'm about ready to blow up. My mom is driving me insane. She "hurt" her back and now I've become her slave. And apparently she doesn't like that I spend so much on the computer. But its not like I'm on it when people are home. When I'm home alone is when I go on. So I don't see who its hurting. And in a house with NO CABLE and as of now a none working car what am I supposed to do? Watch the 6 channels we have? I'd take the computer over anything.

Well next weekend... starting Thursday, I'm going to Alton/Springfield, IL with Rebel. We're going on a mini trip to go see some haunted stuff. Its like our own little episode of supernatural. It will be fun.

Oh Alli, my bestest friend of 16 years, and I are looking into moving in together. I know I just said I can't afford to move to OK, but this is different. Because right now I'm looking for a better job and once I get it I'm going to save save save. I went to the same temp agency Alli did and they called me back today saying the have something for me. So I'm excited. I told them I didn't want to make anything less than $10/hour. Which will be fantastical.

Ok well thats my life right now. Enjoy.