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dwn_in_brktown [userpic]

It's been a while I know..

September 21st, 2006 (11:27 am)

But I'm finally updating thank god. I've been working my ass off non stop. Literally. People keep quitting at Caribou so I am forced to pick up more and more hours. Which is good because its money, but horrible because well I get worn out.

I'm about to go out to Aurora and hang out with Mandy for the day, and go to Simplistic Urge's band practice. Simplistic Urge myspace. I haven't seen Mandy since Hanson last year, and I haven't seen anyone from SU in almost 2 years. They've been slacking on playing shows that are reachable to me. But I don't have to work today and I made plans with Mandy on Monday so yeah.

OHHH Pat McGee just started playing. I love it!

Anyone onto my life. Its pretty much a bag full of suckage. My mom is a bitchtastic person. Making my life a living hell most of the time. But then sometimes she's halfway decent. So really she just drives me insane.

I've been struggling with an issue for a while. I've been feeling down about my "friends". I feel like I am being left behind, by one particular one atleast, and left out, and ignored. I realize their lives can't revolve around me but I mean sometimes just a simple acknowledgement of my exisitance would be nice. But thats for me to deal with.

I have to shower and get ready to go.