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dwn_in_brktown [userpic]

i hate my fucking job...

April 26th, 2005 (12:42 pm)

seriously.... i've been doing the night shift... 10pm-7am... for like a week now and will be doing it for ANOTHER week... this is seriously going to drive me INSANE!!!

But I need the money... I need to save up for Mayfest. Yes people I am going all the way to Tulsa, OK to see Hanson. How is that for dedication?? That's a nice 12 hour drive!! I'm going to where it all started. It's fantastic. I really hope I meet them. That would make my life. Really....

and now... I have this issue... this Nick issue. Nick is a guy who started working with me and... well he's soooo cute and I really like him. But I dunno i've heard things about him that I don't like... and I want to give up but at the same time I don't... and then... theres Colby. Oh man Colby... what can I say about Colby?? Other than he's completely adorable and I want to just hug the shit out of him. I really do like him. I have for almost a year. HAHA how sad is that???

peace, love, and HANSON baby!