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dwn_in_brktown [userpic]

the urge you cannot seem to fight

October 21st, 2006 (01:58 pm)

I'm really gunna fall tonight, I guess I'm not that concerned

It's always nice starting off a new entry with some PMB. Whom coincidentally are touring this month and next and according to Jeremy (their webmaster) he's forcing them to come here. HAHA. thank god I would've cried if they had ditched Chicago. I need a good show for my birthday. Which as of tomorrow will be in ONE MONTH! So start shopping now people! HAHA.

Anywho onto more important news. Um my mom and I had it out last week. Said alot of things that needed to be said, but really I kept a majority of my issues to myself. I really don't need to be kicked out again and have nowhere to go.

Ummm I'm counting the days will I, with Kim, Ashley, Rebel, and a few other people, get to meet Mr. Padalecki. It's all I've been thinking about the last week. HAHA. I'm insane. But Supernatural pretty much runs my life.

I got my hair done Thursday. Got some pretty highlights. I like it.

Well thats it.

Peace out.